guards FAQ

How do I install it?
Counter Guards are ready to go right out of the box. Simply place it on your counter, and set the adjustable side panels in place.

What are the dimensions?

There are currently three different Counter Guards designs, and one Desk Guard design. Each has been designed to meet the needs of a different business or industry. Each Counter Guard and Desk Guard features one front panel with a pass-through slot, and two side panels. These side panels provide additional coverage on each side, and also keep the front panel safely upright. The pass-through slot varies in size depending on which guard you order. Counters need to be a minimum depth of 12". Choose the Counter Guard or Desk Guard style that's right for you based on your needs.

How do I serve customers?
There is a rectangular pass-through slot at the bottom of each Guard's front panel. 10" x 5" and 10" x 10" available.

What if I bump it?

Counter Guards are made from High Impact 3/16” polycarbonate. Their sturdy weight sits flush on the counter, and will not tip over if bumped. Check out our videos for a demonstration of their stability.

Can I sanitize it?
Yes, the entire surface can be wiped down We would recommend using a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution with a microfiber cloth. The alcohol should be left on for 30 seconds before wiping off. This is inline with both CDC recommendations for disinfecting surfaces and polycarbonate manufacturers. You can also wash the guards with a dish soap and warm water mixture at the end of each day. We do not recommend using Lysol, Clorox, ethyl alcohol, or Windex.

How does this ship?
Counter Guards are designed to fold flat and ship in a flat box. We can ship to the continental US for a flat rate. Please request a shipping quote for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

How long will it take to arrive?
Currently, orders will ship in two business days. Check the shipping image for estimated shipping time. Please note that production time may increase due to high order volumes.  Contact us with any questions.


Can you make a custom version for my business?
Our focus is creating Counter Guards and Desk Guards that can service a variety of businesses, set-up quickly, and ship nationwide in a flat box. We have added additional Counter Guard and Desk Guard styles in response to customer inquiries if those styles would also serve additional businesses. Please contact us to see if we can help.

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